Jazz, a simple word to describe one of the most complex genres in music. Jazz cannot be classified on the basis of limits. There are those who define it as a musical language, as when talking about classical music.

A genre that in turn encompasses a diversity of musical subgenres that share common characteristics, but do not individually represent the complexity of the genre as a whole.

The spectrum of Jazz can be as wide as it is complex: From background music for meetings or as dance music, to variants that require careful and concentrated listening to be able to appreciate it. Jazz is music that reflects the ethnic and cultural origin of both who creates it, who performs it, and also who listens to it.

Although it is considered a product of African American culture, Jazz is open to many musical influences and its songs are a mixture of cultures, composed and performed by musicians from different parts of the world. It is for this reason that STUDIO JAZZ is an ambitious and complex multimedia communication project.

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