AOR, Retro New Wave, 80’s, and much more…


Have you ever wondered: How many times has music been the protagonist of one of your experiences, of a past or present time, or of an important moment in your life? How many times have you ever wanted to listen to that song again, which wasn’t the title track on a band’s album, but was better than the single that was promoted on the radio?

What happened to those bands that despite being so good, did not have enough promotion to be big music stars? Has new music been created with that sound that characterized pop, rock and new wave of the 80s and 90s? If you’ve been looking for some of this, you’ll find plenty here.

Adult-oriented version 2.0 (AO-2.0) It is a station that combines several musical genres in a single radio format. It is much more than an AOR station with Melodic Rock and both hits and little-known songs from the ’80s, it also combines “Retro New Wave”, and new songs created by bands that take the sound of the ’80s and ’90s aimed at Adult Contemporary audiences.

AO-2.0 It’s not a Top Hits station, but it’s not an old station either. We have good songs from great contemporary musicians, extraordinary singles from little-known bands and new music from groups that venture into this type of genre with incredible productions.

AO-2.0 is an Internet broadcast station, which broadcasts with digital audio of the highest quality, but also tries to recreate the production and programming of a radio station. Music streaming continues 24/7 and interesting and fun shows will be added in the future with information about bands and performers of the music we are scheduling here.





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